Lobster Mobster and Da Shrimp are a lobster and shrimp duo who’re bumbling con-artists and continually antagonize Ariel and her associates and are recurring antagonists from the television collection. They are modeled after the stereotypes of the gangsters from the Nineteen Twenties. Lobster Mobster is voiced by Joe Alaskey and Da Shrimp is voiced by David Lander. A character based on Hans Christian Andersen, the creator of the original Little Mermaid fairy story seems in the episode “Metal Fish.” He is voiced by Mark Hamill. Urchin first appears in the fourth episode of the collection, “Urchin.” In it, Urchin is seen to be an orphan who lives by himself and wants badly to have associates.

flounder the little mermaid

Flounder and Sebastian fight the eels and free Eric, allowing him and Ariel to take on Ursula after she transforms into a giant. After the sea witch is killed by Eric, King Triton realizes that people usually are not all dangerous and that the love between his daughter and Eric is genuine. Triton turns Ariel again right into a human and permits the two to wed. Flounder is current on the wedding ceremony, where he’s held up by Scuttle to get a giant goodbye kiss from Ariel as she leaves her life within the sea. Flounder is final seen watching happily alongside Sebastian and King Triton as the wedding ship floats off. Flounder is the one character to give unconditional assist for Ariel’s fascination with human things.

Howling Hairfish

Even after Ariel is turned human, he stays close by and helps any means he can to make sure Ariel remains human and doesn’t find yourself belonging to Ursula eternally. He risked his life to go back to save lots of his canine, Max, from his burning and sinking ship. Only after Ariel goes lacking that a softer facet of King Triton emerges as he expresses regret and worries over Ariel’s well-being, and he in the end grants her want to be human. He’s most likely not the audience’s favorite character; although, he’s not the worst, both.

At the palace, King Triton reprimands Ariel’s behavior, and Flounder tries to defend her. In doing so, he accidentally slips that they swam to the floor, putting Ariel in deeper hassle. While she observes the sailors onboard, Flounder and Sebastian follow closely. A storm quickly hits, and in throughout which, Ariel rescues a human from drowning.

The Little Mermaid Ii: Return To The Sea

Eric is a human prince rescued by Ariel when he virtually drowns in a storm at sea. She drags him to shore and sings to him, leaving Eric haunted by her voice. When he crosses paths with Ariel once more, he is unable to identify her, as she has given her voice to Ursula in trade for legs. However, he brings her again to his palace they usually spend time collectively. Eric develops emotions for Ariel, however before he can strategy her about them, Ursula, disguised as a human girl named Vanessa, hypnotizes Eric, forcing him to neglect about Ariel and consider that Vanessa is the one who saved his life. He almost marries Vanessa, but Ariel and her friends intervene, breaking Ursula’s spell and restoring Ariel’s voice to her.

When he regains consciousness, Flounder tries to taunt a defeated Glut however is quickly shooed away when the sour shark snaps at Flounder. Flounder later joins Ariel on the surface, where he recounts the shark attack to Scuttle. Suddenly, Ariel remembers that she was supposed to participate in the concert and rushes back to the kingdom with Flounder.

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